Gordon Ramsay Counts His Blessings After Bike Accident: A Father’s Day to Remember

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay reflects on a serious bicycle accident and emphasizes the importance of helmet safety in a heartfelt Father’s Day message.

Gordon Ramsay
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay share that he’s “lucky to be here” following a serious bicycle accident.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is feeling especially grateful this Father’s Day.

Ramsay, a father of six, took to Instagram to share that he’s “lucky to be here” following a serious bicycle accident earlier this week in Connecticut.

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“I had a really bad accident, and it really shook me. Honestly, I’m lucky to be here,” the “MasterChef” star revealed. He lifted his shirt to display some severe injuries from the incident.

Ramsay emphasized a crucial safety lesson to his followers: always wear a helmet.

“No matter how short the journey is, or the cost of a helmet, it’s essential,” he said. “Even for kids, no matter how short the trip, they must wear a helmet.”

He continued, “I’m fortunate to be standing here. I’m in pain. It’s been a brutal week, and I’m just getting through it,” Ramsay said.

“But I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a helmet.”

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Ramsay assured his followers that he’s “doing okay” and didn’t sustain any broken bones or major injuries. “But I am quite bruised up, looking like a purple potato. I’m thankful for all the doctors, nurses, and staff at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London who took care of me and checked me out. Most of all, I’m grateful for my helmet, which saved my life. Have a great Father’s Day and be safe. Gx”

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