Princess Leonor: Spain’s Future Queen Takes the Oath on Her 18th Birthday

Princess Leonor of Spain marks her 18th birthday by swearing an oath to the constitution, rekindling hope for the royal family’s image after a tumultuous past. Explore her journey and the nation’s fascination with ‘Leonormania.

Spain Princess Leonor
Spain Princess Leonor turns 18 on October 31, 2023.

Spain eagerly welcomed Princess Leonor as she marked her 18th birthday on October 31, 2023, by taking an oath to uphold the constitution. During a joint session attended by members of the Spanish Congress and Senate, the princess received a standing ovation.

Princess Leonor, the eldest daughter of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, was born in Madrid, Spain, on the same date in 2005. Her grace and intelligence have captivated the people of Spain, rejuvenating the image of the royal house after the controversial reign of her grandfather, former King Juan Carlos.

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Notably, the former King, Carlos, faced accusations of money laundering and allegations of harassment from his past lover, Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, a German aristocrat, before his exile in 2014. These scandals severely tarnished the reputation of the Spanish royal family.

Despite the shadow cast by these controversies, Princess Leonor has garnered substantial public support. Her relatively low profile and discretion have contributed to her appeal in the age of social media.

Fernando Rayón, a journalist and professor of political information at CEU San Pablo University, noted, “The royal family has timed her public appearances wisely, keeping her reserved during her years of study.”

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Princess Leonor‘s popularity is such that, according to Hola magazine, a mere 21% of Spaniards believe she is unprepared for her future role as the head of state. While her personal life and interests remain largely unknown, her remarkable ascent on the national stage continues to captivate the nation.

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