Unlocking Fortunes for Kids! EarlyBird’s $4.5M Boost Changes the Investing Game Forever!

Discover EarlyBird’s innovative $4.5M funding, empowering families to invest in children’s future. Community-driven, emotional, and future-focused.

Early Bird
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EarlyBird Secures $4.5 Million in Seed Extension Round


EarlyBird, a unique app enabling families and friends to gift investments to children, has successfully raised $4.5 million in a seed extension round. This funding, partially contributed by its user base, marks a significant milestone for the startup.

How Does EarlyBird Work?

Creating Custodial Accounts

Parents can utilize EarlyBird to establish custodial accounts, known as UGMA (Uniform Gifts to Minors Act) accounts. These accounts empower parents to invest in a diverse range of financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities on behalf of their children.

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Ownership Transfer at 18

As the child reaches the age of 18, ownership of the investments seamlessly transfers to them. This opens up possibilities for utilizing the funds in various ways, including college savings, home down payments, kickstarting a business, travel, retirement planning, and more.

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Community-Centric Funding Approach

Testing Community Interest

EarlyBird, being a community-based investing platform, took a unique approach to funding. The startup recognized an opportunity to involve its user base directly in the investment round, allowing parents to invest in the platform that is investing in their children.

Engaging the User Base

A strategic move was made by opening up a specific allocation for parents investing in EarlyBird, leading to unprecedented engagement within the first 48 hours. This creative funding approach emphasizes the importance of community involvement in today’s startup landscape.

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Funding Round Details

Key Investors

The funding round was preempted by IDEO Ventures and saw participation from EarlyBird’s previous seed round investors, including 776 Ventures, Fiat Ventures, and RareBreed Ventures. New investors, such as ResilienceVC, Sweater Ventures, Alumni Ventures, Goodwater Capital, Wintrust Bank, Lightspeed Scout Program, and Parallel, also contributed to the round.

Total Funding Achieved

With this latest funding injection, EarlyBird’s total amount of funding raised reaches an impressive $10.9 million. This follows a $4 million seed funding round in November 2021 and a $2.4 million pre-seed round in November 2020.

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EarlyBird’s Vision for the Future

Emotional Connection through Social Features

EarlyBird recognizes that investing in a child is a deeply emotional journey. The platform incorporates social features, allowing users to create video memories that add a personal touch to each investment. It has become a centralized place for building a unique time capsule of special moments with their children.

Expanding Services

The funding will be utilized to expand EarlyBird’s focus on community-based investing. The startup plans to introduce multiple customized portfolios, enabling parents to choose specific stocks and engage in investment decisions as their child grows. Additionally, EarlyBird is exploring the integration of a college savings 529 plan into its offerings.

Lifecycle Journey from 0 to 18+

While currently focused on the 0 to 7-year-old demographic, EarlyBird envisions providing services for the entire lifecycle journey from 0 to 18+. The goal is to establish EarlyBird as the dedicated financial platform for teens, ensuring a seamless transition from childhood to adulthood with continued trust and investment.


Building Trust and Continuity

In the words of CEO Jordan Wexler, EarlyBird aims to become the primary brokerage account for teens at 18, surpassing other financial institutions. The vision is to create a trusted financial solution that spans generations, where families continue to invest with EarlyBird, creating a continuous cycle of financial growth and support.

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