Famous bengali poet Shankha ghosh passes away after reporting covid-19 positive

Bengali poet Shankha ghosh has passed away battling covid-19 pandemic at the age of 89 Shankha ghosh who was bengali poet passes away on wednesday morning battling covid-19 pandemic. He was reported covid-19 positive on april 14 (wednesday). He was 89 years old when he died. West bengal chief minister Mamata banerjee expressed her condolences … Read more

FORBES 35th world’s billionaires list :- Jeff bezos is world’s richest person and Mukesh ambani is richest person in India

Jeff bezos is one of the richest persons in the world FORBES showed 35th annual world’s billionaires list. According to this list, Jeff bezos is world’s no. 1 billionaire in the fourth year running. He is the owner of E-commerce company AMAZON. His net worth is 13.18 lakh crore. Elon musk is world’s second billionaire. … Read more

World Health day 2021 :- Theme and ways to keep ourself healthy

“Health is wealth” Covid-19 has taught us in very brief. Covid-19 pandemic teach us the lesson to be healthy for living the fullest life. Money can’t take the place of health. Even only healthy person can earn money. The theme of world health day 2021 is “Building fairer and healthier world for everyone.” There are … Read more

Wear masks and save lives :- Google Doodle said on covid-19 prevention

Google doodle is urging people to wear face mask for the prevention of covid-19 Covid-19 cases are rapidly surging in all over the world. Google Doodle urged people to wear masks and save lives for the prevention of covid-19. ‘Wear masks and save lives’ google tweeted on tuesday on the microblogging app. In India, more … Read more