World Health day 2021 :- Theme and ways to keep ourself healthy

 Health is wealth” Covid-19 has taught us in very brief. Covid-19 pandemic teach us the lesson to be healthy for living the fullest life. Money can’t take the place of health. Even only healthy person can earn money. The theme of world health day 2021 is “Building fairer and healthier world for everyone.” There are various kinds of health like :- 

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Spiritual health

Our body and mind both need to be healthy. This is the true definition of health. Everyone should reserve time from a day for the health. If person will be healthy, all his/her family members will be fine and also his/her wealth. During this covid-19 pandemic, we have understood that we should give our first priority to health.

Here are some ways to keep ourself healthy. We should make these ways part of our life:

Everyday 6-8 hours sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in keeping ourself healthy. Everyday 6-8 hours sleep is necessary for everyone. It keeps our mind and body healthy. It protects us from depression and anxiety. For the productive day, productive sleep is required.

Wake-up early in the morning

We should wake up early in the morning. By waking up early, we can complete our work earlier and in rest time we can do some other works. For rising early we need to sleep early as well. By doing this we can increase our working hours which automatically leads to less tension and anxiety because it controls the habit of procrastination. By rising early, we can reserve time for our health.

Do exercise daily

By rising early in the morning, we should do exercise for atleast 30 minutes daily. It makes our day productive and we feel fresh all the day. There are various kinds of exercise. Some use to go gym for doing exercise and some do cardio at home. But the main thing is to do any physical habit. According to the age, elders can walk for 30 minutes and youngers can run. It helps in controlling the weight. Exercise improves our immunity and protects us from various diseases. It controls diabetes, obesity and blood pressure etc.

Yoga and meditation

If physical exercise is necessary for the body then yoga and meditation is necessary for the mind. Infact, mind and body are interlinked with each other. If any from both disturbs then second one will automatically disturb. So, yoga and meditation controls our mind. By controlling our mind, we can control our thoughts and feelings which keeps us free from depression and anxiety. If we will train our mind, we can maintain our body. Mind should be peaceful for living the fullest life.

Drink plenty of water

Our body is made up of 70% water. So, drinking plenty of water is necessary for the good health. We should start our day by drinking 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water. Water helps in removing the waste particles from the body. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is must in one day. Water keeps us away from constipation.

Eat fruits and vegetables

For the good health, fruits and vegetables play an important role. Our body daily needs some vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates etc. Green vegetables and seasonal fruits are the great sources of these things. Our body needs energy for doing any type of work. Milk and things which made up from milk like curd, cheese, ghee etc. are also essential for keeping our body healthy. We should keep away from fast food and packed food.

Reduce screen time

In the modern world, electronic devices become the part of everyone’s life. During the lockdown period, everything turns online like work/study from home. We need to use electronic devices for essential works only. Screen time should not increase from certain limit because it badly affects our eyes and body. It also leads to depression and anxiety. We should set some limit for the screen time.

Healthy lifestyle is the only way to keep ourself healthy. We should do some changes in our lifestyle which leads to healthy body and mind. Use these ways for atleast 21 days and after that make these ways part of our life. Initially, we will face some problems but after sometime it will become our habit.

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