Rick Ross Attacked After Vancouver Performance, Sparks Brawl Amid Drake Feud

As per reports, the incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. local time as Rick Ross was leaving the main stage.

Rick Ross
(Photo:- RickRoss/X formerly twitter)

Rick Ross was reportedly assaulted in Vancouver, B.C., on Sunday night (June 30) after his performance at the Ignite Music Festival. Videos circulating online show Ross being sucker-punched, sparking a chaotic brawl.

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TMZ reports that the incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. local time as Ross was leaving the main stage. As the brawl erupted, Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss “Not Like Us” played over the venue’s speakers, highlighting Ross’ ongoing feud with Drake, a Toronto native.

The situation quickly escalated with punches thrown, and another video angle shows one of Ross’ associates knocked unconscious and being carried away. Amid the chaos, someone can be heard shouting “White boy,” likely referencing Ross’ nickname for Drake on his diss track “Champagne Moments.”

Ross told TMZ on Monday morning that no one in his entourage was seriously injured and expressed his eagerness to return to the “beautiful” Vancouver, B.C. He later posted a photo of himself laughing in front of a private jet on Instagram Stories, writing, “Vancouver, it was fun. Until next time.”

Rapper 50 Cent wasted no time mocking Rick Ross, posting a clip on Instagram of Ross allegedly escaping the brawl. He captioned it, “LMAO THE GREAT ESCAPE! MEEKA CALL THE CHASERS, THEY ARE CHASING ME. LOL.”

Although Drake was not involved in the incident, he liked a post from Keep6ixSolid on Instagram that recapped the altercation.

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The feud between Drake and Ross, once close collaborators, resurfaced earlier this year. Drake dissed Ross on his track “Push Ups” in April, prompting Ross to respond with “Champagne Moments,” where he mocked Drake’s appearance and accused him of having cosmetic surgery.

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