International Family Day 2024:- Know the theme, history and significance of this day

International Day of Families is celebrated on May 15 every year across the world. The theme of International Family Day 2024 is ‘Families and Climate Change.’

International Family Day 2024
International Family Day 2024:- Date, theme, history and significance. (Photo:-pexels)

International family day is celebrated on May 15 every year across the world. This day raises awareness about the importance of family with whom we can share our troubles, happiness and anything. A family lives together in a house and spends most of the time with each other.

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International Family Day 2024:- Theme

Since 1996, United Nations has been assigning theme every year on this day. The theme of International Family Day 2024 is ‘Families and Climate Change’ which aims to raise awareness of how climate change impacts families and the role families can play in climate action.

“Empowering families through education, changing consumption habits, and advocacy is critical for meaningful and effective climate action. Families pass values across generations, so instilling sustainable habits and climate awareness in families from an early age is important,” United Nations wrote.

International Family Day 2024:- History

International Family Day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993. Since 1994, International family day has been celebrated all over the world on May 15. This day shows us the importance of family in our life.

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International Family Day 2024:- Significance

Family remains with the person in every aspect of the life. From birth to death, there is only family which always helps the person. A person can make various friends in life but family always remains one. Family is the first one which teaches the children. An ethics and values children learn from the family.

At the every part of life, even in schools, colleges or during the work, everyone put questions about the family. Even during an interview, information about the family is also asked from the person. Family also helps us during the tough times.

So, this is the right occasion to express some love and feelings towards the family. We are required to give some gifts and flower bouquets to our family. We need to give our full day to our family and appreciate their works which they have done for us.

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