Google Doodle Celebrates the Accordion’s Legacy on Its 1829 Patent Anniversary

Google Doodle pays tribute to the accordion, patented on this day in 1829. The instrument is renowned for its influence on diverse music genres.

Google Doodle accordian
Google Doodle celebrates accordian’s legacy.

Today’s Google Doodle commemorates the anniversary of the accordion, patented on this date in 1829. The instrument’s name is derived from the German word “akkord,” meaning chord.

The animated Doodle honors this free-reed instrument with bellows, celebrated for its profound impact on a variety of music genres, including pop, jazz, folk, and classical. The accordion’s versatility has cemented its place in the music world.

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Regarding the accordion’s history, Google Doodle notes, “Throughout the late 1800s, manufacturers in Germany ramped up production due to its popularity among folk musicians across Europe.”

Describing its features, the Doodle mentions, “Early accordions had buttons on just one side, each producing the sound of an entire chord. Remarkably, the same button could generate two chords — one when the bellows expanded and another when they contracted.”

As Europeans emigrated globally, the accordion’s influence in music spread.

Google further highlights that today, the accordion is integral to folk music, the Latino polka, tango, and cajun music, among other genres.

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It also notes that the accordion is a staple at Oktoberfest, the vibrant festival known for carnival fun, music, and traditional attire like Dirndl dresses and lederhosen.

“The traditional sound continues to influence German celebrations and music worldwide, 200 years later,” says Google Doodle.

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