Kashmiri Activist Yana Mir’s Fiery Speech Goes Viral: Her Bold Stance on Malala, Hijab, and More Will Leave You Speechless

Kashmiri activist Yana Mir, addressing the British Parliament, emphasized her freedom and safety in India, distinguishing herself from Malala Yousafzai.

Yana Mir
Yana Mir (Photo:- realyanamir/instagram)

In a compelling address to the British Parliament, Kashmiri activist Yana Mir firmly asserted her sense of freedom and security in India, particularly in her home in Kashmir. Drawing a clear distinction from Malala Yousafzai, who faced a Taliban attack for advocating girls’ education, Mir expressed gratitude for her peaceful life in India.

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Yana Mir voiced strong objections to the characterization of Indian Kashmir as ‘oppressed,’ calling out individuals on social and foreign media who, in her view, fabricated stories without firsthand experience. Her speech, delivered at the “Sankalp Divas” event hosted by the Jammu and Kashmir Study Centre UK, gained widespread attention, with videos going viral and people applauding her passionate stance.

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Mir extended her appreciation to Sajid Yousuf Shah for encouraging her to speak at the event, especially during a challenging time following her father’s passing. She revealed that the analogy with Malala Yousafzai was suggested by her sister, highlighting the importance of family support.

The Jammu and Kashmir Study Centre UK recognized Yana Mir with the Diversity Ambassador Award for her efforts in championing diversity in the region during the keynote address. Mir seized the opportunity to outline the positive developments in Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370, emphasizing improved security, government initiatives, and increased funds allocation.

Known for her outspokenness on politically sensitive topics, Yana Mir referred to Pakistan as the “interfering boyfriend” in the Kashmir issue, urging an end to external interference. She firmly believed that every Indian should unite against what she termed a “vicious information assault against the Republic.”

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Yana Mir didn’t shy away from taking bold stands on other issues either. She criticized the proponents of hijab, asserting her views on revealing skin, and highlighted the health and political implications of stubble burning. Connecting it to personal tragedy, she attributed her father’s respiratory issues and subsequent demise to the aggravation caused by stubble burning and fireworks.

In her multifaceted advocacy and articulate expressions, Yana Mir emerged as a prominent figure addressing complex issues surrounding Kashmir, India, and broader societal concerns.

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