Shocking Discovery: Air Hostess Caught Smuggling Gold in Unthinkable Way

Surabhi Khatun, an air hostess, arrested at Kannur Airport Kerala after 960 grams of gold was discovered from her rectum.

Surabhi Khatun
Air hostess Surabhi Khatun caught smuggling gold.

In a recent development at Kannur Airport, Kerala, an air hostess was apprehended on suspicion of smuggling gold, as disclosed by a source within the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI).

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The individual in question, identified as Surabhi Khatun, was allegedly discovered concealing an estimated 960 grams of gold within her rectum.

Khatun, who is employed by Air India Express, was serving as a member of the cabin crew on a flight originating from Muscat and landing in Kannur on May 28. Following the discovery of the hidden gold, DRI officials promptly intervened and seized the contraband at the airport.

Subsequently, Surabhi Khatun was brought before a magistrate for legal proceedings, where she was remanded to custody for a period of 14 days.

This incident sheds light on a broader issue of smuggling activities that may extend beyond this particular instance, as per reports indicating Khatun’s alleged involvement in similar illicit operations in the past.

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