Tourist Tragedy: Brazilian Woman Gang-Raped in Jharkhand

A woman in Jharkhand’s Dumka district, Brazil, was reportedly assaulted and gang-raped by seven men during a biking expedition to Nepal with her Spanish partner.

Brazilian woman with her partner
The victim Brazilian woman with her partner.

In a disturbing incident in Jharkhand’s Dumka district, a Brazilian woman, accompanied by her Spanish partner on a biking expedition to Nepal, fell victim to a horrifying assault.

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The couple had chosen Kurumahat as a stopover for the night, setting up camp around midnight near Hansdiha market in Dumka.

Tragically, seven assailants attacked the couple, subjecting the woman to a brutal gang rape merely 50 meters from their tent.

The Dumka Superintendent of Police, Pitambar Singh Kherwar, confirmed that all the perpetrators have been identified, and three have been apprehended in connection with the heinous crime.

The couple had reached out to the police for help around 10:30 pm, following the assault. Subsequently, the police visited them in the hospital, where they provided an account of the traumatic incident.

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The woman herself shared her ordeal through a video on a social media platform, recounting the harrowing experience of being raped, beaten, and robbed by the assailants.

This shocking incident highlights the vulnerability of travelers and the urgent need for comprehensive measures to ensure the safety and security of individuals exploring unfamiliar territories.

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