Global Tribute to the Flat White: Google Doodle Celebrates the Espresso Elegance

Explore the rich history and worldwide allure of the beloved flat white with Google’s animated doodle.

Flat white
Google Doodle commemorates the flat white—an espresso shot blended with steamed milk and delicate microfoam, typically presented in a ceramic cup.

Google’s animated doodle celebrates the flat white, a popular espresso-based beverage believed to have originated in Australia and New Zealand. This doodle is visible worldwide, including India.

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Flat White History

The history of the flat white dates back to March 11, 2011, when it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. This beloved coffee drink, consisting of steamed milk over a shot of espresso, is thought to have first been served in Sydney and Auckland during the 1980s.

Made with an espresso shot, steamed milk, and a thin layer of micro-foam, the flat white is traditionally served in a ceramic cup. It has gained popularity among coffee connoisseurs who prefer less foam, distinguishing it as a “flatter” option compared to cappuccinos or lattes.

In Australia and New Zealand, cafes often entice customers with baristas showcasing their skills and creating artistic presentations while preparing flat whites. The coffee culture has evolved, with variations including the use of plant-based milk like oat milk instead of traditional whole milk.

As the flat white continues to spread globally, it has become a morning or afternoon pick-me-up favorite for coffee lovers worldwide, according to Google Doodle’s description.

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