Gal Gadot Welcomes Fourth Daughter: A Journey of Joy and Privacy

Actress Gal Gadot surprised fans by announcing the birth of her fourth child, a baby girl named Ori, on social media.

Gal Gadot embracing her fourth child named Ori
Actress Gal Gadot welcomes her fourth child named Ori.

Actress Gal Gadot pleasantly surprised her fans by unveiling the arrival of her fourth child, a baby girl named Ori, through a heartfelt social media announcement. Despite maintaining a discreet pregnancy, Gadot expressed her gratitude for the challenging yet rewarding journey and warmly welcomed Ori into their growing family of daughters.

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In her Instagram and Facebook posts, the 38-year-old Wonder Woman star shared her joy, describing Ori as her “sweet girl” and emphasizing the significance of the name, which means ‘my light’ in Hebrew.

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Gadot, who values privacy when it comes to her family life, acknowledged the challenging aspects of the pregnancy but conveyed immense appreciation for the light Ori brought into their lives.

Married to Jaron Varsano since 2008, the couple has quietly expanded their family over the years, with daughters Alma in 2011, Maya in 2017, and Daniella in 2021. Despite her public persona, Gadot has consistently expressed a preference for keeping her family life “as private as possible.”

The actress, celebrated for her iconic role as Wonder Woman, has previously shared her positive experiences with childbirth, describing it as a magical process. Gadot, who readily opts for epidurals to ease the process, finds joy in the act of creating life and has even expressed a lighthearted desire to undergo childbirth more frequently.

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Maintaining her commitment to privacy, Gal Gadot refrained from sharing pregnancy updates or images ahead of Ori’s birth. Her latest on-screen appearance was in Netflix’s 2023 spy action thriller, “Heart of Stone,” where she portrayed Rachel “Nine of Hearts” Stone.

Looking ahead, she is set to embody the role of the Evil Queen in Disney’s “Snow White,” scheduled for release in 2025, with Rachel Zegler portraying the titular princess.

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