Putin Spills Secrets to Tucker Carlson: Shocking Revelations, Controversial Deals, and Unseen Perspectives Unveiled in Exclusive Two-Hour Interview

Dive into the exclusive two-hour interview between Vladimir Putin and Tucker Carlson, uncovering controversial deals, shocking revelations, and unseen perspectives on Russia, Ukraine, and more.

Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin
Tucker Carlson interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in a lengthy interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, spanning topics from Ukraine to the Russian economy. Despite the extensive discussion, little groundbreaking information emerged. Putin touched on Russia’s unmet war aims in Ukraine and delved into a historical speech.

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During the interview, Carlson complimented Putin but questioned its relevance. Putin hinted at the potential release of jailed Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, linking it to a possible deal with the U.S. Putin also dismissed the effectiveness of U.S. sanctions and highlighted his relationships with former Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

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The interview, Putin’s first with a Western media figure since the Ukraine invasion, faced criticism for lack of challenging questions. Carlson, known for repeating falsehoods and conspiracy theories, has been a vocal critic of U.S. support for Ukraine.

Putin’s discussion on possible communication between the U.S. and Russia post-Biden and Carlson’s claim of being the sole Western journalist to interview Putin were noteworthy points. The interview was posted on Carlson’s website and X, a social media platform blocked in Russia.

The Kremlin’s anticipated election victory for Putin in March and the challenges faced by journalists reporting from Russia during the war were highlighted. Carlson, fired from Fox News, positioned himself as an independent journalist, facing criticism for his pro-Russia stance.

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The interview served as a distraction for Putin amid domestic issues. Carlson’s role in supporting Putin drew attention, with critics urging him to focus on journalism rather than attacking fellow journalists. The National Security Council cautioned against taking Putin’s justifications for the Ukraine invasion at face value.

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