Shocker in Nevada: Nikki Haley Crushed by ‘None of These Candidates’! What’s Next for Trump and Biden?

Dive into the Nevada primary chaos! Nikki Haley’s surprising setback, Trump’s strategic move, and Biden’s triumph. Unravel the political drama shaping the battleground state’s role in the upcoming election.

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley giving a speech.

Nikki Haley, the Republican presidential hopeful, faced a significant setback in Nevada’s primary, trailing behind “none of these candidates,” a choice favored by Donald Trump supporters, according to Edison Research. Despite being the sole major Republican contender in the state’s primary, Trump wasn’t on the ballot.

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On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden secured an easy victory in Nevada, positioning himself as the likely nominee for a general election rematch with Trump in November.

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Biden dominated the Democratic primary with 90% support, highlighting his strong position as the incumbent president. Meanwhile, Trump, not participating in Tuesday’s primary, is set to secure all of Nevada’s delegates in a separate caucus vote on Thursday, solidifying his path toward the Republican nomination.

Haley’s refusal to exit the Republican race has fueled tension with Trump, especially as “none of these candidates” garnered over 61% of the votes in the primary. The upcoming Republican caucus on Thursday, largely favoring Trump, is expected to further strengthen his lead.

The conflicting Republican ballots stem from a clash between the state party, aligned with Trump, and a 2021 law mandating a primary. Despite this, Nikki Haley remains determined to continue in the race, eyeing a pivotal moment in her home state of South Carolina on Feb. 24, although polls indicate a significant gap between her and Trump.

As the political drama unfolds, Biden, after securing victory in Nevada, wasted no time shifting focus to Trump, accusing him of divisive tactics. Despite the primary’s limited impact on the nominating process, Nevada remains a crucial battleground due to its swing-state status and diverse population.

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With around 30% of the population identifying as Latino or Hispanic, and a substantial number of registered non-partisan voters, Nevada’s role in the November election is poised to be significant. In the 2020 election, Biden narrowly defeated Trump in the state, and current opinion polls suggest another close contest if they face off again.

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