Danny Masterson’s Shocking Prison Move: From Hollywood Glam to Charles Manson’s Haunting Cell – Inside the High-Security Drama

Explore the shocking journey of Danny Masterson, sentenced for two rapes, as he moves from Hollywood to Charles Manson’s former prison cell. Inside the high-security drama, legal battles, and chilling parallels.

Danny Masterson
Danny Masterson has been moved to infamous Charles Manson’s former prison cell.

Sentenced to 30 years to life for two rapes, Danny Masterson is now housed in the infamous Charles Manson’s former residence within California’s Corcoran State Prison. After a transfer from DTLA to North Kern State Prison on December 27, the That ’70s Show actor found himself relocated to the men-only maximum-security prison on January 29, citing a law enforcement source.

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Masterson occupies the prison’s highest security level unit, primarily for his own protection, given the nature of his offenses. According to state corrections records, Masterson is eligible for parole in 2042, aligning with the 20-year minimum set by Judge Charlaine Olmedo during the sentencing in September. However, this date could change based on Masterson’s behavior and other legal considerations.

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Corcoran State Prison, known for hosting notorious criminals like Charles Manson, currently houses over 3,700 inmates, with a 47-prisoner Protective Housing Unit for those needing extraordinary protection. The prison, over capacity, serves as a significant employer in the region.

Masterson, initially arrested in 2020 for alleged assaults between 2001 and 2003, spent time on bail during mistrial proceedings. After the guilty verdict in May 31, he was taken into custody. Despite his lawyers’ unsuccessful appeal for bail during the ongoing legal process, Masterson plans to file an appeal.

His legal challenges extend beyond the criminal case, with a civil harassment case, co-defendant with the Church of Scientology, awaiting trial in September 2025. The civil case involves Jane Does from the criminal trial and their families, presenting additional hurdles for Masterson.

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