From Loss to Love: Bob Saget’s Widow Kelly Rizzo Finds New Romance – You Won’t Believe Who

Discover the heartwarming journey of Kelly Rizzo, widow of Bob Saget, as she opens a new chapter in love with actor Breckin Meyer. From grief to a blossoming romance, this story is a testament to resilience and finding happiness after loss.

Kelly Rizzo
Bob Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo starts a new chapter with Breckin Meyer.

Kelly Rizzo, widow of “Full House” star Bob Saget, has entered a new chapter in her life with a confirmed romance alongside “Clueless” and “Road Trip” actor Breckin Meyer. The couple attended a Grammys viewing party in Los Angeles, publicly expressing their relationship with photos and hand-holding.

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Rizzo shared with E! News that it took time for her to feel comfortable dating after Saget’s passing, emphasizing the importance of reaching a point where she believes he would be happy with her decision.

Rizzo, a blogger, originally connected with Saget after he sent her a direct message inviting her to one of his shows, as revealed in a TikTok she shared in 2021. The two married in 2018, marking Saget’s second marriage following his union with Sherri Kramer.

Saget’s tragic death in 2022, attributed to head trauma, led Rizzo to reflect on their time together and share a tribute on the two-year anniversary.

Despite the challenges, Rizzo affirmed that Saget’s adult children gave their blessing to her new relationship, describing them as “angels” whose support is deeply meaningful. Meanwhile, Meyer, previously married to director Deborah Kaplan, has embarked on this new journey with Rizzo after their respective pasts.

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In a candid interview with Extra in October, Kelly Rizzo acknowledged being “open” to dating again, highlighting the encouragement she received from Saget’s daughters who believe their father would want her to find happiness.

The ongoing connection to Saget’s memory remains strong, with Rizzo expressing gratitude for the six years of extraordinary love and the enduring impact of their shared experiences.

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