Exclusive: Inside Rep. Cori Bush’s Shocking Campaign Security Scandal – DOJ Investigation Unveiled

Dive into the controversy surrounding Rep. Cori Bush’s campaign spending on security. Uncover the DOJ investigation details and the intricacies of familial involvement. Explore the heightened security landscape for lawmakers post-Capitol attack.

Cori Bush
Rep. Cori Bush (Photo:-twitter)

Representative Cori Bush of Missouri has officially confirmed that the Department of Justice is currently investigating the spending of her campaign funds on security services.

In a press statement delivered on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, Bush detailed the ongoing threats to her personal safety that have persisted since before she took office. As a rank-and-file member of Congress, Bush pointed out that she doesn’t have the entitlement to personal protection from the House, leading her to utilize campaign funds within permissible bounds for securing private security services.

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Bush emphasizes her full cooperation with the investigation while shedding light on a notable detail – her decision to include her now-husband as a part of her security team. She asserts that his services come at or below market rates. To address potential concerns, Bush points to the Congressional ethics rules that allow family members to be compensated from campaign funds for “bona fide services” as long as payments align with “fair market value.”

Beyond the Department of Justice’s involvement, Cori Bush reveals that both the Federal Election Commission and the House Committee on Ethics are also delving into the matter. The congresswoman highlights a prior investigation conducted by the Office of Congressional Ethics, which found no evidence of wrongdoing and unanimously voted to dismiss the case.

The revelation of this investigation surfaced publicly on Monday when the House clerk disclosed a subpoena received by the House Sergeant at Arms. This scrutiny into campaign spending adds to the broader context of increased security concerns among lawmakers, particularly in the aftermath of the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. Notably, Capitol Police investigated over 8,000 threats against lawmakers in 2023, marking a significant rise from around 5,200 in 2018.

The situation takes a poignant turn with the mention of an attack in 2022 involving Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He was assaulted in their home, suffering injuries from a politically-motivated attacker. This incident underscores the persistent and real security challenges faced by political figures and their families.

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