Sleeping Secrets Revealed: Cameron Diaz’s Surprising Take on Couples’ Bedtime Arrangements!

Discover Cameron Diaz’s candid views on couples’ sleeping arrangements and the surprising twists in her perspective. Uncover insights into unconventional bedtime setups and the value of personal space within relationships.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz shared her perspective on the sleeping arrangements for couples before she got hitched.

Cameron Diaz recently shared her unique perspective on the ideal sleeping arrangements for couples before she got hitched. In a conversation on the “Lipstick on the Rim” podcast, Diaz, 51, expressed her take on normalizing separate bedrooms, emphasizing the value of having individual spaces within a shared family home.

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Proposing a rather unconventional setup, Diaz envisioned her and her partner having their respective rooms flanking a central family residence. She described a scenario where she’d retire to her room, while her partner would do the same in theirs.

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Diaz admitted considering a compromise initially, contemplating a central bedroom for bonding time but eventually reconsidered after marrying Benji Madden.

Her shift in perspective was attributed to Madden’s wonderful nature, which altered her previous stance on separate sleeping spaces. However, she acknowledged having held these thoughts before her marriage.

Interestingly, Cameron Diaz isn’t the only one advocating for separate sleeping quarters in a relationship. TV host Carson Daly also shared a similar sentiment, citing the benefits of a “sleep divorce” during his wife’s pregnancy, describing it as the best decision for their relationship and family’s well-being.

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