Jennifer Love Hewitt Claps Back at Critics! You Won’t Believe Her Response to ‘Unrecognizable’ Claims!

Discover how Jennifer Love Hewitt tackles criticism over her appearance and filters. From playful responses to addressing beauty standards, delve into her candid take on Hollywood’s scrutiny.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt tackles criticism over her appearance and filters.

Jennifer Love Hewitt didn’t hold back when addressing criticisms about her appearance due to a filter. Speaking on the “Inside of You” podcast, the 44-year-old actress delved into the challenges of aging in Hollywood, highlighting the constant scrutiny faced in the industry.

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After receiving backlash for a video where she sported no makeup and applied a filter while getting her hair done, Hewitt responded to claims of being “unrecognizable” by playfully posting exaggerated filter pictures on her Instagram Story, including one that transformed her into a child.

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Defending herself, she insisted that filters don’t drastically alter one’s appearance and denied having undergone a brow lift, attributing any change to microblading. However, these actions inadvertently fueled more criticism, with some accusing her of promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

Acknowledging the impact of online negativity, Hewitt admitted that despite efforts to ignore trolls, their comments still affect her. She emphasized the falsehood in pretending not to engage with such feedback.

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