Presley Family Drama Unleashed: Shocking Leaked Emails Expose Explosive Feud Over Controversial Elvis Film – Inside Scoop Revealed!

Dive into the Presley family saga as leaked emails unravel a heated dispute over Elvis’s film.

Cailee spaeny and Elvis
Chanel made a custom dress inspired by Priscilla Presley’s original bridal gown for Sofia Coppola’s ‘PRISCILLA’.

Insiders close to the Presley family and the Elvis Presley estate are infuriated by the leakage of Lisa Marie Presley’s private emails, deeming it a publicity stunt ahead of the underperforming film “Priscilla.” Lisa Marie, who passed away in January at 54, expressed her strong disapproval of Sofia Coppola’s movie based on her mother’s memoir, citing the script as “shockingly vengeful and contemptuous.”

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Leaked emails reveal Lisa Marie’s concerns about the portrayal of her parents’ meeting when Elvis was 24 and Priscilla just 14. The Elvis estate insider confirmed the authenticity of the emails, condemning the move to make private conversations public as an attempt to salvage a failing movie.

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Lisa Marie’s anguish extended to her children, particularly Riley Keough and the late Benjamin, who took his own life in 2020. Despite positive reviews, “Priscilla” was projected to make only $2-4 million in its opening weekend, causing further tension within the Presley family.

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Previously kept secret from Lisa Marie, Priscilla’s involvement in the film was unknown to her daughter and Baz Luhrmann, director of the well-received 2022 movie “Elvis,” which Lisa Marie supported. Lisa Marie tried to dissuade her mother from producing “Priscilla” and urged Coppola to halt its production, emphasizing her concern about the negative portrayal of her father.

In messages sent before her death, Lisa Marie criticized the film’s depiction of Elvis, expressing her fear that her mother failed to grasp the potential repercussions in 2023. Despite Coppola’s reassurances, Lisa Marie remained unconvinced, worrying about the impact on her daughters, especially explaining to Harper the film’s unfavorable portrayal of her grandfather.

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Lisa Marie praised Luhrmann’s film as a positive contrast, providing a break from the family’s hardships. The leak of these private emails adds a layer of drama to the already contentious situation surrounding “Priscilla” and its strained relationship with the Presley family. Page Six has reached out to key figures for comment, awaiting their response.

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