SHOCKING: A-List Actor Vinayakan’s Wild Arrest Caught on Camera – You Won’t Believe What Happened!

Unmasking the shocking arrest of actor Vinayakan at Ernakulam North Police Station – Get the inside scoop on the tumultuous incident that has the public buzzing.

Actor Vinayakan Arrested
Actor Vinayakan has been arrested for creating chaotic situation under the influence of alcohol.

Renowned actor Vinayakan found himself in a predicament on Tuesday as he was apprehended by the Ernakulam North Police, allegedly due to causing a commotion at their local station.

Actor Vinayakan Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

The incident transpired at the Ernakulam North Police Station, where Vinayakan, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, created a chaotic situation, leading to his arrest. Law enforcement officials confirmed that the actor’s disruptive behavior impeded the regular operations of the police station.

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According to the police, Vinayakan, in an inebriated state, caused a disturbance and verbally berated the officers. In response to the disruption, the police swiftly filed a case against him, citing his actions as an impediment to the police station’s functioning, resulting in his formal arrest.

Following the arrest, Vinayakan was taken to the General Hospital for a medical examination. Initially summoned to the station due to noise complaints in his apartment, he continued to cause disturbances upon arrival.

Arrest of Esteemed Actor Captures Public Interest

The arrest of the esteemed actor has garnered significant attention from the media and the public, as he faces potential legal consequences for his alleged involvement in the police station disturbance. The ensuing legal proceedings will determine the actor’s future course of action in this matter.

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