Shocking Announcement: Running Man Star Jeon So-Min’s Dramatic Exit Stuns Fans – You Won’t Believe the Reason Behind It!

Jeon So-min’s surprising departure from ‘Running Man’ has left fans in disbelief. Explore the inside story behind her exit and what the future holds for the beloved actress.

Jeon So-min has made the heartfelt decision to bid adieu to the 'Running Man' show
Jeon So-min has made the heartfelt decision to bid adieu to the ‘Running Man’ show.

After an impressive six-year stint as a beloved regular on the immensely popular South Korean variety show ‘Running Man,’ actress Jeon So-min has made the heartfelt decision to bid adieu to the show. The news was officially confirmed by her agency, King Kong By Starship, in an announcement that sent waves throughout the entertainment industry. Jeon So-min will grace the show for the last time as a main cast member in her farewell episode, scheduled for the upcoming Monday.

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Jeon, who is 37 years young, embarked on her ‘Running Man’ journey in 2010, swiftly captivating the hearts of fans with her sharp wit and boundless cheerfulness. Her contributions to the show were nothing short of remarkable, earning her a well-deserved array of accolades, including the prestigious Best Newcomer Award in 2017, the Top Excellence Award in 2018, and the coveted Golden Content Award in 2020.

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Nevertheless, Jeon and the show’s production team mutually agreed that the time had come for her to take a well-deserved hiatus and shift her focus to other pursuits, particularly her blossoming acting career. Her agency conveyed that she engaged in extensive deliberations with the ‘Running Man’ team, ultimately concluding that a period of rejuvenation was essential to continue impressing her audience through future endeavors, especially in the realm of acting.

In their statement, her agency expressed, “We have collectively determined that now is the ideal moment for her to take some time to recharge and refresh herself.” Meanwhile, the ‘Running Man’ producers also issued a statement through XportsNews, signifying their respect for Jeon’s choice and offering heartfelt gratitude for her significant contributions to the show.

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They affirmed, “We explored various avenues to retain her presence for an extended duration but ultimately opted to honor her decision. We extend our sincere appreciation to Jeon So-min, whose radiant presence enhanced ‘Running Man’ during her tenure. The cast and production team of ‘Running Man’ will continue to stand by her, and she will forever remain a cherished member of the ‘Running Man’ family.” SBS, the network that broadcasts the show, echoed these sentiments, characterizing the departure as a “bittersweet farewell.”

Jeon’s illustrious career commenced in 2004 as a model and culminated in her acting debut in a MBC TV series. She catapulted to stardom in 2013 when she assumed the lead role in “Princess Aurora,” an achievement that earned her the MBC Best New Actress Award.

During her ‘Running Man‘ tenure, she gracefully juggled appearances in various K-dramas as a guest star, leaving her mark in productions like “My Secret Romance” (2017), “So I Married An Anti Fan” (2021), and “Delivery Man” (2023).

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The show will undoubtedly continue, with the remaining cast members – Yoo Jae-seok, Ha Ha, Ji Seok-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo, and Yang Se-chan – standing strong. The production team is diligently on the lookout for a new member who can fill the void left by the departure of the beloved Jeon So-min.

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