Unbelievable! Christopher Walken Crashes SNL’s Halloween Sketch in the Strangest Way Possible!

Discover the bizarre moment Christopher Walken crashed SNL’s Halloween sketch in the most unexpected way. You won’t believe what happened in this hilarious SNL surprise.

Christopher Walken in Saturday Night Live
Christopher Walken in Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live’s third episode of the new season proved that sometimes the third time isn’t always a charm. The latest cold open had its moments but couldn’t quite stick the landing.

The sketch kicked off with Mikey Day taking on the role of Joe Biden, attempting to breathe new life into the portrayal of the VP-turned-POTUS. While it started promisingly, things quickly took a downturn from there.

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As Biden adorned the Oval Office for Halloween, the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, made an appearance to remind him of his proximity to the presidency. Johnson’s “adult Black son” also briefly joined the conversation, making an interesting reference to “The Blind Side.”

However, the big surprise came in the form of Christopher Walken, who appeared as The Spirit of Halloween, a.k.a. The Ghost of All Hallows Past, a.k.a. Papa Pumpkin. His presence left viewers scratching their heads as he attempted to explain the meaning of Halloween, a concept that no one had ever questioned.

Walken delivered his lines with his signature style, leaving us wondering why he was there in the first place. When asked how he got into the White House, he humorously claimed to have arrived via the toilet, insisting it was the Halloween way.

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The sketch struggled to find its comedic footing and felt like a hasty attempt to connect with the upcoming Halloween holiday. Ultimately, it came across as an amateurish attempt at improvisation. If their aim was to be horrifying, they might have succeeded, but not in the way they intended.

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