Shocking Saturday Night Live Debut: Nate Bargatze’s Hilarious Host Reveal and Wild Family Tales!

Get ready for laughs and surprises. Join Nate Bargatze’s SNL debut, where he takes the stage with humor and shares wild family stories. Discover the unexpected in this uproarious journey.

Nale Bargatze debuts in Saturday Night Live
Nale Bargatze debuts in Saturday Night Live.

Nate Bargatze took the reins as the host of Saturday Night Live, a role he found as surprising as the viewers watching from the comfort of their homes.

With a twinkle in his eye, Bargatze began his monologue, exclaiming, “Thank you. Thank you very much. It’s very exciting. It’s crazy.” He admitted, “I mean, look, if you’re at home, I’m as shocked as you are that I’m here. I’ve come to this building for a long time. And so it’s unreal to be here.”

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This witty comedian then transported the audience to a different era, humorously noting, “I’m from the 1900s, and the world is so future now.” He illustrated this by pointing out the seemingly baffling design of modern hotel showers with their half-glass enclosures, quipping, “That’s the future. That’s what they want.”

Transitioning to family anecdotes, Bargatze delved into his parents’ escapades, starting with his mother mistakenly knocking on the wrong door to pick up his daughter. He humorously likened it to “two dogs seeing each other through a fence.”

His father, on the other hand, made appearances about “eight times a year, probably,” with a penchant for Afrin, the nose spray. Bargatze humorously confessed his own Afrin addiction, emphasizing its magical abilities to resolve any nasal issues.

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Bargatze also shared his apprehension about aging, citing his belief that he’s “already not smart.” He poked fun at his reading habits, or lack thereof, remarking, “I’m in my prime right now. I don’t read any books. I don’t do it. And I think that matters. Reading I believe is the key to smart. That’s what I’ve always said.”

He concluded by cheekily suggesting that books should include blank pages to give readers a breather from the constant influx of words.

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