Post-Apocalyptic Showdown: Humanity’s Last Stand Against Vampires! Unveiling Bloodthirst’s Terrifying Journey with Star-Studded Cast!

Embark on a gripping post-apocalyptic saga as humanity faces vampires. Uncover terror with star-studded cast!

Bloodthirst Movie Official Poster
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  1. Genre Keywords:
  • post-apocalyptic
  • horror-thriller
  1. Plot Elements:
  • vampires
  • humanity
  1. Key Cast Members:
  • Costas Mandylor
  • Tara Reid
  • Director:
  • Michael Sucsy
  1. Film Release Details:
  • Bloodthirst
  • movie release
  • DVD
  • Blu-ray

In a post-apocalyptic world, only two surviving factions endure: humanity on the brink of desperation and marauding vampires preying upon them. John Shepard (Costas Mandylor, known for “Saw IV”) ventures across the desolate West, on a quest to locate and vanquish the aging head vampire, aiming to liberate mankind. Joined by a coalition of local militia, including native sons and farmers’ daughters, Shepard discovers their proximity to the Master is more immediate than anticipated. This horror-thriller, featuring Tara Reid (of “American Pie” fame) and Robert LaSardo (“Nip/Tuck”), explores the perilous journey toward humanity’s redemption.

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  • Costas Mandylor (Dead Man’s Hand, Night of the Sicario)
  • Tara Reid (American Reunion, 7-10 Split)
  • Robert LaSardo (MobKing, Johnny & Clyde)
  • Bishop Stevens (Final Summer, Girl on the Third Floor)
  • Johnny Huang
  • Sarah French (Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar, Bermuda Island)

Directed by Michael Sucsy, known for The Vow and The Goree Girls.

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Release Information:

  • Bloodthirst had its VOD/Digital release on October 31, 2023, alongside two other films, The Elderly and Reality Winner.
  • DVD & Blu-ray release is expected in December 2023, with potential variations in release dates across markets.

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