Shocking Update: Sophia Loren’s Hip Surgery Reveals Incredible Secret About Her Hollywood Career!

89-year-old Oscar-winning Italian actress Sophia Loren was hospitalized on Sunday in Geneva, Switzerland, following a fall at her residence, where she required surgery.

Sophia Loren Hip Surgery
Sophia Loren is recovering from her hip surgery.

Italian screen icon Sophia Loren is on the road to recovery after undergoing hip surgery due to a fall at her residence in Geneva. The incident occurred just days after she celebrated her 89th birthday.

The operation, as reported by Loren’s eponymous restaurant chain, was a success, and she will now undergo a brief period of convalescence, followed by a rehabilitation regimen.

Hailing from a humble background in Naples, Loren’s remarkable journey led her to Hollywood stardom, where she earned two Academy Awards.

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She also gained recognition as one of the prominent sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s, becoming Italy’s most renowned cinematic export. Yet, she emphasized that beauty alone was insufficient, stating, “Being beautiful can never hurt, but you have to have more. You have to sparkle, you have to be fun, you have to make your brain work, if you have one.”

In a 2020 interview with CBS News correspondent Seth Doane, Loren stressed the importance of inner qualities, asserting that appearance, while significant in films, was secondary to the richness of one’s soul, beliefs, and relationships with family and friends, which constituted a fulfilling life.

In 2020, she made a return to the screen after a lengthy hiatus to portray the lead role in Netflix’s “La Vita Davanti a Se” (The Life Ahead), directed by her son Edoardo Ponti. The film depicted the poignant story of a Holocaust survivor forming an unlikely bond with a Senegalese orphan, earning Loren critical acclaim almost six decades after her Oscar win for “La Ciociara” (“Two Women”), a film centered around a wartime mother’s ordeal.

In recognition of her illustrious career, she was awarded an honorary lifetime achievement Oscar in 1991.

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