Israeli Minister Benny Gantz Resigns from Netanyahu’s Government, Citing Strategic Disagreements

Benny Gantz, Israel’s war cabinet minister, decided to step down eight months after the October 7 Hamas attacks, citing changes in the country’s situation and decision-making environment. Benny Gantz, a key member of Israel’s war cabinet, has resigned from Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, dealing a significant setback to the prime minister amidst celebrations of a rare … Read more

White House Defends Israel Amid Escalation in Rafah, Clarifies ‘Red Line’ Stance

The United States stated on Tuesday that Israel’s actions in Rafah so far did not constitute a “major ground operation” that would breach President Joe Biden’s warnings. As Israeli forces advanced further into Rafah following an airstrike that resulted in a major fire and the deaths of dozens of Palestinians, the White House asserted that … Read more

Hamas:- What is the Palestinian Group, which Attacked Israel?

Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, emerged in 1987 during the first Palestinian Intifada, supported by Iran. Operating in Gaza since 2007 after a clash with Fatah forces, it won the 2006 parliamentary elections. Hamas, the Palestinian faction, has initiated an unexpected assault from Gaza into Israel, marking one of the most significant escalations in the … Read more

Unprecedented Chaos Unleashed: Hamas Shakes Israel to Its Core in Shocking Assault – Lives Hang in the Balance!

Hamas initiated a major assault on Israel, resulting in over 20 deaths through a combination of gunmen infiltrating Israeli towns and a barrage of rockets from Gaza. In a dramatic turn of events, the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas orchestrated a large-scale assault on Israel, resulting in a tragic toll of over 20 lives. This attack, … Read more