Shah Rukh Khan’s Son Aryan Khan Sparks Romance Rumors with Brazilian Actress Larissa Bonesi

Aryan Khan, eldest son of Shah Rukh Khan, has recently drawn attention amid romance speculations with Brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi.

Aryan Khan and Larissa Bonesi
Aryan Khan is rumoured to be dating brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi.

Aryan Khan, the elder son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, has found himself at the center of swirling romance rumors involving Brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi, sparking widespread curiosity and speculation across social media platforms.

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The conjecture ignited after keen-eyed netizens noticed Aryan’s recent Instagram activity, which included following Larisson and several members of her family, notably her mother, Renata Bonesi. This seemingly innocuous gesture set off a cascade of speculation, with observers speculating about the nature of the relationship between Aryan and Larisson.

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Adding fuel to the fire was Renata Bonesi’s visit to Mumbai, during which she reportedly received a gift believed to be from Aryan—a stylish D’YAVOL X jacket. While such gestures are often interpreted as gestures of affection or interest, it’s important to note that these claims have yet to be independently verified by credible sources, leaving the veracity of the rumors up in the air.

Despite the swirling rumors, Aryan Khan remains deeply immersed in his upcoming directorial debut project, “Stardom,” a web series that promises to offer audiences a captivating glimpse into the glitzy and glamorous world of the Hindi film industry.

Notably, Aryan’s creative endeavors extend beyond the realm of filmmaking, as he is also a co-founder of SLAB, a luxury lifestyle collective established in 2022. As part of this venture, Aryan has ventured into the world of fashion with the launch of D’yavol X, a fashion line that embodies the collective’s ethos of opulence and style.

In a recent interview with GQ India, Aryan Khan shed light on his dual roles as a creative director and director, highlighting the distinct creative processes involved in each endeavor. While his involvement in SLAB and D’yavol X allows him to exercise his creative vision in a collaborative and visually stimulating manner, his directorial responsibilities demand a meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for storytelling.

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“Stardom,” which commenced filming in July 2023, has generated significant buzz within the industry, thanks in part to its star-studded cast and intriguing premise. Featuring cameo appearances by industry stalwarts such as Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar, and Bobby Deol, the series promises to be a star-studded affair.

Anchored by actor Lakshya Lalwani in the lead role, “Stardom” is poised to captivate audiences with its blend of drama, intrigue, and insider insights into the inner workings of Bollywood.

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