Family Star Movie Review:- Vijay Deverakonda’s Journey from Middle-Class Hero to Superhero

Vijay Deverakonda and Mrunal Thakur’s latest film, “Family Star,” directed by Parashuram Petla and produced by Dil Raju, portrays Deverakonda as a middle-class man burdened by family duties while also playing a superhero who bends steel rods effortlessly.

Family Star Movie Review
Family Star Movie Review.

“Family Star,” the latest offering from the Telugu film industry, is a concoction of middle-class struggles, superhero aspirations, and romantic entanglements. Directed by Parashuram Petla and backed by the illustrious Dil Raju, the film marks a departure from Vijay Deverakonda’s previous intense roles, presenting him as a relatable middle-class man grappling with familial responsibilities while moonlighting as an unlikely superhero capable of bending steel rods with ease.

Family Star Movie Review

However, beneath its glossy exterior lies a narrative that struggles to strike a balance between its ambitious blockbuster aspirations and grounded portrayal of everyday life.

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At its core, “Family Star” revolves around Govardhan, portrayed by Deverakonda, a quintessential middle-class man single-handedly shouldering the weight of his joint family’s financial burdens. His character is depicted as a pillar of strength amidst familial discord and financial woes, epitomizing the struggles and sacrifices of the common man. Yet, amidst his mundane existence, Govardhan harbors dreams of heroism, embodying the juxtaposition of ordinary aspirations with extraordinary ambitions.

Enter Mrunal Thakur’s character, Indu, a postgraduate student who enters Govardhan’s family as a tenant, unwittingly setting the stage for a romantic entanglement that transcends societal norms. Their budding romance, however, takes a tumultuous turn with the introduction of a ‘Big Twist’ that threatens to tear them apart.

As secrets unravel and relationships are tested, Govardhan and Indu find themselves navigating a web of deceit and heartbreak, ultimately forced to confront their differences and reconcile their fractured relationship.

While the premise holds promise, “Family Star” falters in its execution, succumbing to the allure of style over substance. Despite Deverakonda’s earnest portrayal and Thakur’s radiant presence, the film struggles to transcend its clichéd narrative tropes and contrived conflicts.

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The central conflict between Govardhan and Indu feels forced and lacks the emotional depth required to resonate with the audience. Instead, it relies heavily on exaggerated dialogue and melodramatic scenarios, diluting the impact of their relationship arc.

Furthermore, the film’s treatment of middle-class life often feels superficial, with glimpses of authenticity overshadowed by its larger-than-life aspirations. While Gopi Sundar’s music and Mohanan’s cinematography add aesthetic value, they fail to elevate the film beyond its uninspired narrative. Parashuram’s writing, in particular, emerges as the film’s Achilles’ heel, with its dated storyline and lackluster dialogue failing to engage or inspire.

In spite of its shortcomings, “Family Star” boasts commendable performances from its supporting cast, with Rohini Hattangadi’s portrayal of the lovable Dadi standing out amidst the narrative mediocrity. Jagapathi Babu and others deliver competent performances, albeit within the constraints of their limited character arcs.

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