Verdict Rendered: Michelle Troconis Found Guilty in Jennifer Dulos Disappearance Case

Michelle Troconis, implicated in the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, her boyfriend’s estranged wife, has been found guilty on all charges.

Michelle Troconis
Post-verdict, Michelle Troconis was visibly devastated, according to her defense attorney.

Michelle Troconis has been declared guilty on all charges related to the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, her boyfriend’s estranged wife. The charges include conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with physical evidence, conspiracy to commit tampering with evidence, and hindering prosecution. Despite the comprehensive verdict, the haunting mystery persists as Jennifer Dulos’ whereabouts remain unknown.

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Carrie Luft, spokesperson for Jennifer Dulos’ family, emphasized the profound loss and the meticulous presentation of evidence during the trial. She urged renewed public interest in the case to potentially generate new leads that could aid in uncovering the truth about Jennifer’s disappearance.

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The trial revealed Troconis’ admission, captured in an interrogation video, where she confessed to fabricating information about her boyfriend’s whereabouts on the day Jennifer vanished. The prosecution presented surveillance footage indicating Troconis and Fotis Dulos disposing of alleged evidence, including zip ties, gloves, and stained clothing.

During closing arguments, the prosecutor painted a vivid picture of a deliberate and intentional murder, alleging that Troconis and Fotis Dulos conspired to eliminate the woman obstructing their path. The defense, led by attorney Jon Schoenhorn, argued that Troconis was unaware of Fotis Dulos’ alleged plans and stressed the need for evidence tying her directly to a plot to harm Jennifer.

Post-verdict, Michelle Troconis was visibly devastated, according to her defense attorney. Bond was set at $6 million cash surety, coupled with house arrest, electronic monitoring, and surrendering her passport. The sentencing is scheduled for May 31, while Jennifer Dulos’ mother now has custody of the five children, aged 8 to 13 in May 2019.

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Additionally, the case involves Kent Mawhinney, Fotis Dulos’ friend and former lawyer, who faces accusations of aiding in covering up the crime and has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, awaiting trial. The State of Connecticut remains committed to finding resolution and providing closure to the lingering question of Jennifer Dulos’ resting place.

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