Tony Holmes: Empowering Communities at Carver Bank

Explore Tony Holmes’ strategic leadership at Carver Federal Savings Bank, driving community empowDriving Community Empowerment: Tony Holmes’ Strategic Leadership at Carver Federal Savings Bank

Tony Holmes, First Vice President of Retail Banking & Business Development Officer at Carver Federal Savings Bank

Driving Community Empowerment: Tony Holmes’ Strategic Leadership at Carver Federal Savings Bank

In a strategic move aimed at fortifying its leadership team, Carver Federal Savings Bank (“Carver”) proudly announces the appointment of Tony Holmes as the First Vice President of Retail Banking & Business Development Officer. With over two decades of experience gleaned from leading financial institutions such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and ESL Federal Credit Union, Holmes brings a wealth of expertise to enhance Carver’s commitment to serving and empowering its communities.

Holmes’ appointment comes at a pivotal time for Carver as the bank seeks to expand its footprint and deepen its impact within the Greater New York City region. Marc Winkler, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, expressed confidence in Holmes, citing his proven track record in the financial sector and his unwavering dedication to community development. Winkler emphasized Holmes’ role in elevating Carver’s customer service focus and identifying new avenues for growth.

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As the newly appointed First Vice President of Retail Banking & Business Development Officer, Holmes will spearhead the development and implementation of innovative retail branch strategies. His mandate includes elevating sales and marketing initiatives and providing senior-level managerial support, directly reporting to Marc Winkler. This strategic alignment ensures a seamless integration of Holmes’ vision with Carver’s overarching objectives.

Holmes’ personal journey reflects a deep commitment to community engagement and empowerment. A Philadelphia native who has called the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn home for over a decade, Holmes embodies the ethos of community stewardship. His academic background, including a bachelor’s degree in business from Temple University and an MBA from LaSalle University, underscores his dedication to professional excellence and continuous learning.

Reflecting on his appointment, Holmes shared his profound sense of purpose in joining Carver. He views his role not merely as a professional opportunity but as a commitment to upholding a legacy of empowerment and financial inclusivity for Greater New York City communities. Holmes is eager to leverage his expertise to introduce innovative solutions tailored to Carver’s diverse and entrepreneurial clientele, thereby amplifying the bank’s impact and fostering economic development.

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Craig C. MacKay, Carver’s Interim CEO, underscored the bank’s enduring commitment to communities of color and its pursuit of growth and innovation within the banking sector. He highlighted Holmes’ appointment as a testament to Carver’s dedication to progress and innovation, reinforcing the bank’s role as a pillar of support for underserved communities since its inception in 1948.

Beyond his professional accolades, Holmes’ personal connection to the communities served by Carver imbues his leadership with authenticity and empathy. His tenure in Bedford-Stuyvesant positions him as a trusted advocate for the residents and businesses navigating financial challenges. Holmes’ presence in the community extends beyond the confines of traditional banking, exemplifying Carver’s holistic approach to community engagement.

In his capacity as First Vice President of Retail Banking & Business Development Officer, Holmes is poised to enact tangible change within Carver and its surrounding communities. His strategic vision encompasses not only operational excellence but also social impact, aligning with Carver’s mission to promote economic empowerment and financial inclusion.

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Carver Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: CARV) serves as the holding company for Carver Federal Savings Bank, a federally chartered stock savings bank headquartered in Harlem, NY. Established in 1948, Carver was founded to provide financial services to African American and Caribbean-American communities in New York, addressing the limited access to mainstream financial services for residents, businesses, and institutions. Recognized by the U.S. Treasury Department as a Community Development Financial Institution (“CDFI”), Carver is renowned for its community-focused banking services and commitment to enhancing local economic vitality and revitalization. Carver stands as one of the largest African- and Caribbean-American managed banks in the U.S. Recently, the bank expanded its online presence to offer consumer checking and savings accounts across nine states, spanning from Massachusetts to Virginia, and including Washington, DC. For further information, please visit the Company’s website at Stay connected with Carver on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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