John Cena’s Bold Oscars Appearance: Striking a Nearly Nude Pose while Announcing Best Costume Design Winner at the Oscars 2024

John Cena made a bold appearance at the Oscars, embracing the spotlight with a nod to a historic streaking incident.

John Cena Nearly Nude at Oscars 2024
Nearly naked John Cena announced Best Costume Design Winner at the Oscars 2024.

In a surprising turn of events at the Oscars, John Cena, renowned actor and former WWE champion, made a daring appearance on Sunday night, echoing a historical streaking incident from 50 years ago. The anticipation for Cena’s presence was palpable as he took to the stage wearing even less than his iconic wrestling attire.

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As the host, Jimmy Kimmel, prepared to introduce the nominees for the 2024 Academy Award for best costume design, he humorously revisited a memorable streaking episode from the past when actor David Niven was caught off guard by a naked man dashing across the stage. Kimmel playfully speculated about the potential chaos if a nude individual were to repeat the stunt in the present day, just as Cena slyly peeked out from behind a stage prop.

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In a mock dispute with Kimmel, Cena whispered to the late-night host, expressing his reluctance to go through with the streaker bit, emphasizing that the male body should not be treated as a joke. Despite this, Cena fulfilled his hosting duty, approaching the microphone in a state of undress, save for a strategically placed Oscars envelope.

Entertainment Tonight later revealed that Cena was actually wearing a discreet “modesty garment” underneath, resembling a blend between a loin cloth and a Speedo.

Amidst the laughter echoing through the Dolby Theatre, Cena highlighted the importance of costumes, adding a touch of humor to the proceedings. However, when he resisted lifting the envelope to reveal the nominees, Kimmel stepped in, smoothly transitioning to the nomination reel.

A video posted by The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner showcased stage crew members rushing to cover Cena with an elegant curtain as the nomination reel played. Despite the unexpected turn of events, the award for best costume design ultimately went to “Poor Things,” a film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and featuring Emma Stone in the lead role.

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John Cena‘s unanticipated and humorous twist on the Oscars stage added a memorable touch to the ceremony, blending nostalgia with contemporary humor, and showcasing his willingness to engage in lighthearted moments for the sake of entertainment.

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