Social Media Meltdown: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Face Widespread Outage

Meta spokesperson Andy Stone addressed the concerns, stating, “We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now.”

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Facebook and Instagram experienced a widespread outage.

On Tuesday evening, widespread disruptions hit social media giants Facebook and Instagram, impacting users not only in India but also across various parts of the world. Users encountered login issues, being forcibly logged out from both platforms. Complaints ranged from the inability to refresh Instagram pages to prompts urging password changes.

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Interestingly, the issues weren’t confined to Facebook and Instagram alone; YouTube users also faced similar challenges, hinting at a broader technical glitch.

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Around 8:30 pm on Tuesday, users began experiencing these disruptions, prompting frustration and confusion., a platform that tracks service outages, recorded a substantial number of reports, surpassing 300,000 for Facebook and exceeding 20,000 for Instagram. The scope and scale of the outage became evident as users from various sources contributed to these outage reports.

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, acknowledged the situation. Meta spokesperson Andy Stone addressed the concerns on social media, stating, “We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now.” This acknowledgment aimed to reassure users that efforts were underway to resolve the technical issues causing the outage.

In the midst of the disruption, netizens took to microblogging platforms, notably Twitter, to share their experiences and express concerns. Some users speculated about the possibility of hacking or a cyber attack, amplifying the uncertainty surrounding the situation. Humorous and anxious messages alike flooded social media, with individuals sharing their frustrations and attempting to make sense of the unexpected outage.

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The incident also extended to WhatsApp Business, with reports of issues on its application programming interface (API). Approximately 200 outages were reported for WhatsApp on, adding another layer to the widespread service disruptions.

As users sought answers and shared their experiences online, the outage highlighted the interconnectedness and reliance on these major social media platforms, sparking discussions on the vulnerability of digital infrastructure and the potential consequences of such widespread technical glitches.

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