Support and Forgiveness: Dolly Parton Stands by Elle King Amidst Controversy

Dolly Parton expressed her continued support for Elle King after the younger country star admitted to being intoxicated during a tribute concert for Parton’s 78th birthday.

Elle King and Dolly Parton
Elle King (left) and Dolly Parton (right).

Dolly Parton has extended her unwavering support to Elle King following the revelation that the younger country artist was under the influence during a tribute concert in honor of Parton’s 78th birthday.

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In a recent interview with ExtraTV, Parton commended King as a talented artist and a resilient individual who has been facing significant challenges. Despite King’s on-stage behavior garnering attention, Parton urged understanding, emphasizing that King felt worse about the situation than anyone else.

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During the tribute concert at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, Elle King made headlines for slurring her words, forgetting lyrics, and using explicit language on stage.

Notably, she altered the lyrics of Parton’s song “Marry Me” and openly acknowledged her intoxicated state, stating, “Hi, my name is Elle King, and I’m f—ing hammered.” Parton, however, encouraged forgiveness and moving on from the incident.

In response to the controversy, the Grand Ole Opry issued an apology for the explicit language used during the performance. They expressed deep regret for the incident, acknowledging the need for an apology.

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One week after the concert, Elle King rescheduled five of her upcoming shows without providing a specific explanation for the change, leaving fans curious about the circumstances surrounding the decision.

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