Actor Kenneth Mitchell, Known for ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ Passes Away Following ALS Struggle

Kenneth Mitchell, the actor known for roles in “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Jericho,” has passed away at the age of 49 after battling ALS.

Kenneth Mitchell
Actor Kenneth Mitchell passes away at 49.

Kenneth Mitchell, renowned for his roles in “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Jericho,” has tragically passed away at 49 due to complications from ALS, as confirmed on his Instagram page. The heartfelt statement announcing his demise described him as a cherished family member and friend, portraying Mitchell as more than just a talented actor but a beloved individual.

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Mitchell’s impact on “Star Trek: Discovery” was significant, embodying diverse characters like the Klingon Kol and contributing voice work to “Star Trek: Lower Decks.” His versatile talent also shone in other realms, such as his portrayal of Eric Green in “Jericho” and his poignant role as Joseph Danvers in “Captain Marvel.”

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The announcement shed light on Mitchell’s courageous battle with ALS, a journey that began with a diagnosis in 2018. In a poignant interview with People in 2020, Mitchell shared the shock and disbelief of receiving such news and the subsequent challenges he faced, including using a wheelchair since 2019.

Despite the adversities, Mitchell continued to contribute to the entertainment industry, with notable appearances in the 2022 FX series “The Old Man.” In 2021, he expressed gratitude on Instagram for his role as Aurellio, a character utilizing a hovercraft chair, emphasizing the importance of possibility and ability despite disabilities.

The actor’s focus on family was evident, as he chose to spend precious time with his wife, Susan, and their two children after the diagnosis. Mitchell’s decision to forgo a television lead role, requiring a move, underscored his commitment to cherishing each moment with loved ones.

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The statement reflected on Kenneth Mitchell‘s resilient spirit, encapsulating his life as an inspiring example of embracing love, compassion, humor, inclusion, and community. It celebrated his ability to rise above challenges with grace and determination, leaving behind a legacy that serves as a testament to the richness of life when lived fully.

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