Kanye West mentions Taylor Swift in ‘Vultures’, album cover features Bianca Censori

On February 9, the collaborative effort of Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign, known as ¥$ – unveiled their highly anticipated hip-hop debut studio album, Vultures.

Kanye West and Taylor Swift
Kanye West mentions Taylor Swift’s name in his new album ‘Vultures’.

Despite facing persistent delays, the music piece, initially scheduled for late 2023, encountered a final setback with a few hours’ delay on its ‘ultimate’ release day, causing stress for Ye’s fans. Now that the album is available on some platforms, attention can shift to the controversial themes explored within.

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The release was hindered by Ye’s antisemitic comments last year, influencing Nicki Minaj to withdraw early support and cancel a collaboration with West. A Vultures listening party in Chicago honored local artists and celebrated the 20th anniversary of West’s The College Dropout.

Ye, donned in his black signature look, hosted the event, welcoming special guests like his daughter North West and collaborators YG and Bump J.

The livestream of the album’s debut also reignited controversy over Kanye’s history of antisemitism when the rapper’s lyrics prompted an abrupt cut-off. Despite the drama surrounding its release, the 15-track Vultures album maintains Kanye West’s unconventional identity.

The album introduces a new chapter in the ongoing Kanye West and Taylor Swift saga. The track “Carnival” takes a jab at Swift, referencing their Grammy feud and recalling past controversies. The song also name-drops Elon Musk and Bill Cosby, further contributing to the album’s controversial nature.

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Adding another layer to the narrative, Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, features prominently on the Vultures album cover in a Jason Voorhees-inspired ensemble alongside West. The cover, photographed by director Aus Taylor, follows West’s recent controversial posts featuring Censori.

Despite initially dropping on TIDAL, fans eagerly anticipate the album’s arrival on Spotify after making its way to Apple Music.

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