AT&T Network Outages Cause Nationwide Disruptions: Emergency Services and Users Affected

Stay informed about the widespread AT&T network outages in 2024, affecting cellular and internet services nationwide. Explore the impact on emergency services, user experiences, and ongoing efforts for service restoration.

AT&T Outage
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AT&T experienced widespread network outages Thursday morning, affecting cellular service and internet, as reported by Downdetector. Verizon and T-Mobile customers also faced disruptions, mainly when attempting to contact AT&T users. AT&T witnessed over 32,000 outages at 4 a.m. ET, rising to 71,000 by 8 a.m., with major issues in cities like Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

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T-Mobile reported 1,100 outages, while Verizon had around 3,000 at 7 a.m. The cause of the disruption remains unclear. AT&T acknowledged the issue, urging Wi-Fi calling until service restoration and addressing customer reports nationwide.

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Cricket Wireless, an AT&T subsidiary, experienced over 13,500 outages at 8 a.m., with efforts to restore service quickly. Verizon clarified its network wasn’t directly affected, only impacting calls to other carriers. T-Mobile maintained normal operations, suggesting Downdetector data reflected attempts to contact users on other networks.

Concerns arose about emergency calls, with San Francisco’s Fire Department noting AT&T users’ difficulty reaching 911. Various emergency offices, including Chicago and Virginia, issued warnings, and Atlanta’s Mayor assured e-911 functionality despite AT&T users reporting SOS mode.

Apple Support confirmed iPhone users with SOS messages can still make emergency calls through other carriers. Authorities cautioned against non-emergency 911 calls, as Massachusetts State Police reported an influx of test calls.

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