NFL Star D.J. Hayden’s Tragic Fate in High-Speed Collision – Shocking Details Revealed!

Unveil the heart-wrenching details of the fatal crash that claimed the life of former NFL player D.J. Hayden and two college teammates. Explore the shocking events of this tragic incident in downtown Houston.

Former NFL player D.J. Hayden lost his life in a devastating two-car collision
Former NFL player, D.J. Hayden, and two of his college comrades lost their lives in a devastating two-car collision.

A tragic incident unfolded in the heart of downtown Houston when a former NFL player, D.J. Hayden, and two of his college comrades, Zachary McMillian and Ralph Oragwu, lost their lives in a devastating two-car collision. This heart-wrenching event claimed the lives of six people and left two others injured.

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The calamity occurred at the intersection of Fannin Street and Pierce Street at approximately 2 a.m. It all transpired as a black Chrysler sedan recklessly sped through a red traffic signal on Fannin Street and crashed into a black Acura SUV that had the right of way on Pierce Street. Houston Police Assistant Chief Megan Howard provided these distressing details during a press briefing.

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Among the victims, apart from the former athletes, were five males and one female. Tragically, four individuals lost their lives at the scene of the crash, while four more were rushed to the hospital, where two of them succumbed to their injuries. One female survivor remains in critical condition with life-threatening injuries, while a male survivor is assisting investigators in piecing together the harrowing events.

The driver of the speeding Chrysler met his end at the scene, and one of the deceased was a pedestrian on the sidewalk. The authorities have not yet disclosed the identities of the victims, but it has been reported that D.J. Hayden was in the Acura SUV at the time of the collision.

D.J. Hayden’s journey was marked by both triumph and adversity. In 2012, he made headlines after surviving a near-fatal heart injury during a practice session, demonstrating remarkable courage and resilience. Months later, he was drafted by the Oakland Raiders, who have since relocated to Las Vegas, making him the 12th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

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The Las Vegas Raiders paid tribute to Hayden’s unwavering dedication to his teammates and extended their prayers to his grieving loved ones. D.J. Hayden’s life was tragically cut short at the age of 33, leaving behind a legacy that transcends the gridiron.

His alma mater, the University of Houston, joined in mourning the loss of D.J. Hayden, Zachary McMillian, and Ralph Oragwu, while also expressing hopes for Jeffery Lewis’s recovery. The university’s athletics department acknowledged the indelible mark these athletes left, not only for their prowess on the football field but also for their unwavering camaraderie, community support, and resilience in the face of adversity.

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