Scott’s Napoleon: French Controversy and Box Office Triumph Unveiled.

Napoleon 2023 film: Ridley Scott’s historical epic faces French criticism but dominates local box office.

Napoleon 2023
A still from Napoleon 2023

The article discusses the release and reception of the film “Napoleon,” directed by Ridley Scott and starring Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby. Despite facing criticism from French critics for alleged historical inaccuracies and an anti-French stance, the film had a strong opening in France. It grossed an estimated €868,000 ($946,000) from approximately 120,000 admissions, including preview screenings.

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The harsh reviews from French critics, including comparisons to a “dusty wax figure” for Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Napoleon, did not deter French audiences. Ridley Scott dismissed the criticism, stating that “the French don’t even like themselves.” The film dominated the local box office, outperforming other releases.

While “Napoleon” falls below some recent U.S. releases in terms of admissions on its opening day, it marks Ridley Scott’s most successful French launch in years. The article suggests that the film might sell about one million tickets in its first week and could potentially double or triple that figure over the Christmas holiday. However, achieving the success of Scott’s earlier film “Gladiator” in France, which reached 4.7 million admissions, remains a challenge.

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The French box office in 2023 is highlighted, noting the dominance of films like “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” and “Barbie.” The article concludes by emphasizing the recovery of the French theatrical market to pre-pandemic levels, both in box office grosses and a diverse range of movies, including successful arthouse films.

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