31 Years, 165 Days: The Mind-Blowing Secret Behind the World’s Oldest Dog Bobi’s Record-Breaking Life! You Won’t Believe His Extraordinary Journey!

Discover the incredible journey of Bobi, the world’s oldest dog, who defied all odds to live a record-breaking 31 years and 165 days. Unveil the secrets behind his extraordinary longevity and the heartwarming story of his survival against all odds.

Bobi, World's oldest dog, dies
World’s oldest dog Bobi dies.

Bobi, recognized as the world’s oldest dog in history, has passed away at the remarkable age of 31 years and 165 days, according to Guinness World Records (GWR) as announced on Monday. The news of his passing was initially shared by veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker on Facebook, who noted that “his 11,478 days on earth would never be enough for those who loved him.”

Bobi’s extraordinary longevity had many secrets, as revealed by his owner, Leonel Costa, during an interview with GWR in February. He enjoyed a life of freedom, roaming without a leash or chain in a serene and tranquil environment. His diet consisted of human food soaked in water to remove seasonings, which likely contributed to his longevity.

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Bobi’s entire life was spent in Conqueiros, a quaint village in Portugal, where he often roamed alongside cats, defying conventional expectations for a Rafeiro do Alentejo, a breed of livestock guardian dog. This breed typically has a life expectancy of around 12-14 years, according to the American Kennel Club. Remarkably, Bobi lived more than twice that life expectancy, breaking the century-old record held by Australian cattle-dog Bluey.

The story of Bobi’s survival almost had a different outcome when he and his three siblings were born in the family’s woodshed. Initially, Costa’s father believed they had too many animals at home and decided to remove the puppies.

However, Bobi’s resilience shone through as he was discovered by Costa’s children, hidden safely in a pile of logs. They concealed the puppy from their parents, and by the time Bobi’s existence was revealed, he had already outgrown the possibility of being put down, eventually going on to lead a record-breaking life.

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Bobi‘s 31st birthday celebration in May was a grand event, attended by over 100 people and even a performing dance troupe, as per GWR. While his eyesight deteriorated, and walking became more challenging with age, Bobi continued to spend time in the backyard with the cats, embraced more rest, and napped by the comforting warmth of the fire.

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