Shocking Revelation: Vladimir Putin’s Mysterious Bedroom Incident Leaves the World in Awe!

Discover the jaw-dropping details of a mysterious incident in Putin’s bedroom, as a Telegram channel spills the beans on the Russian leader’s health. Get the latest scoop on this captivating revelation.

Vladimir Putin
Putin was discovered on the floor by his security personnel, ostensibly due to a “cardiac arrest.”

A Telegram channel purportedly linked to a Kremlin insider has stirred intrigue, suggesting that Russian leader Vladimir Putin recently experienced an alarming incident in his bedroom.

According to this channel, General SVR, Putin was discovered on the floor by his security personnel, ostensibly due to a “cardiac arrest.” The description provided by General SVR paints a dramatic scene, with Putin “lying on the floor and rolling his eyes.”

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It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the General SVR channel has made such claims about Putin’s health. In the past, they’ve released similar updates, some of which turned out to be inaccurate. This particular incident was said to have taken place on a Sunday evening, October 22.

In response to the situation, doctors were quickly summoned, and the 71-year-old president was reportedly rushed to a specialized medical facility situated within the same apartment complex. There, he allegedly received intensive care.

General SVR, the channel behind these claims, is believed to be managed by a former Russian lieutenant general. It has a history of disseminating news regarding Putin’s health, which often grabs the attention of Western media.

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According to General SVR’s account, the security officers stationed at Putin’s residence heard alarming noises and the sound of a fall emanating from his bedroom. Upon investigating, they found Putin on the floor beside an overturned table with food and drinks. The description paints a vivid picture of Putin convulsively arching and rolling his eyes.

Speculation surrounding Putin‘s health has been a recurrent theme in Western media, particularly in the wake of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. This channel had previously suggested that a visit to China was not made by Putin himself but by a doppelganger.

There have been previous incidents, such as one in August when concerns were raised about Putin’s well-being, and another in April when General SVR claimed he was experiencing serious health issues. This ongoing intrigue continues to fuel speculation about the health of the Russian leader.

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