Partial Lunar Eclipse 2023:- Date & Time | Will it be visible in India? All you need to know

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2023: Experience the celestial wonders of October 2023! From meteor showers to solar eclipses, this month has been a treat for sky gazers. Don’t miss the upcoming partial lunar eclipse on October 29. Find out when and where to witness this breathtaking event.

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2023
Here’s all you need to know about the partial lunar eclipse 2023.

In October 2023, sky gazers have been treated to a month filled with celestial wonders. It began with meteor showers and a new Moon, followed by a captivating ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse. But the month’s celestial spectacle doesn’t end there. A second eclipse is on the horizon, a partial lunar eclipse scheduled for October 29.

This upcoming lunar eclipse is occurring just 14 days after the solar eclipse on October 14. During this event, the moon, Earth, and the sun align in a way that a portion of Earth’s shadow will cast across the moon’s surface, resulting in a partial eclipse.

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What is a Partial Lunar Eclipse?

For those curious about what a partial lunar eclipse entails, NASA explains that lunar eclipses transpire during the full moon phase when the moon and sun align, and the Earth’s shadow transforms the moon’s appearance into a striking bright red for a few hours. A partial lunar eclipse occurs when Earth positions itself between the full moon and the sun, partially obscuring the moon.

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Partial Lunar Eclipse 2023:- Date & Timing

The partial lunar eclipse will commence on Saturday, October 28, and will be visible from various regions in the Eastern Hemisphere, including Africa, Europe, Asia, and parts of Australia. Unfortunately, it won’t be visible from the Americas, although the eastern coast of Brazil might catch a glimpse of some of it at moonrise.

To catch the partial lunar eclipse, mark your calendar for Saturday, October 28, around 18:01 GMT (2:01 pm EDT). The excitement heightens at approximately 19:35 GMT (3:35 pm EDT) when Earth’s umbra, the darker inner part of its shadow, starts to cover the lunar disk.

Will Partial Lunar Eclipse 2023 be Visible in India?

In India, the Ministry of Science has officially confirmed that a partial lunar eclipse 2023 will occur on October 28-29, aligning with the Hindu calendar as 6-7 Kartika 1945 Saka Era. The moon will enter the penumbra at midnight on October 28, and the umbral phase will commence in the early hours of October 29.

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For sky enthusiasts in India, you’re in luck! The partial lunar eclipse will be visible from all parts of the country around midnight, with the eclipse lasting for 1 hour and 19 minutes. The umbral phase of the eclipse will start at 1:05 am IST on October 29 and conclude at 2:24 am IST. It’s a celestial event not to be missed.

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