Shocking Disappearance of NLE Choppa! His Worried Mom’s Desperate Plea Revealed!

NLE Choppa’s mother, Angela Potts, pleads with anyone who may have had contact with him to reach out to her urgently. She posted a heartfelt message on friday.

NLE Choppa's mother Angela Potts expressed deep concern for her son
Angela Potts, mother of NLE Choppa, expressed concern for her son. (Photo:-angeletapotts/insta)

NLE Choppa’s mother, Angela Potts, is expressing deep concern for her son, as she hasn’t heard from him in several hours. She pleads with anyone who may have had contact with him to reach out to her urgently.

In a heartfelt message posted on Friday, Angela writes, “I ask for your prayers for my child. He’s planning to return to Cottonwood, a place we worked hard to escape from, all for a mixtape. It’s unsettling as I haven’t spoken to him in hours, which is unusual for him. My son rarely goes silent without reason.”

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She goes on to send a message to her son, “Whatever you’re working on, I pray that God is guiding you. If anyone has heard from him, PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY! To the fans, your support means a lot to him.”

It remains unclear whether NLE Choppa provided any specific reason to Angela, who also serves as his manager, to believe he might be in trouble, or if he’s simply under immense pressure while managing his burgeoning career.

Notably, a message on NLE’s Instagram story, posted by his management, also encourages fans to get in touch with Angela if they spot the rapper.

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