Nawaz Sharif’s Heart-Wrenching Confession: Losing Mother and Wife to Politics! The Emotional Return Reveals Untold Stories

On Saturday evening, Nawaz Sharif made a remarkable appearance, addressing an enormous rally at Minar-e-Pakistan shortly after his return to Pakistan. This marked the end of his four-year self-imposed exile in the UK.

Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan after his four year exile in the UK
Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan after his four year exile in the UK.

“I have endured the loss of my mother and wife due to politics,” former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif revealed on Saturday, expressing deep emotion as he recounted how he received the news of their deaths during his incarceration.

Addressing an enormous gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan upon his return to Pakistan, concluding four years of self-imposed exile in the UK, Sharif disclosed that the overwhelming support of party followers at the rally helped him momentarily forget his “grief and pain.” The 73-year-old leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) acknowledged that there are wounds that time cannot heal.

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In a voice nearly overcome with emotion, Sharif shared how politics had taken away his mother and wife, emphasizing the inability to bid a final farewell to his mother, father, and wife. He recounted the heart-wrenching experience of being unable to connect with his wife, Kulsoom, during her final moments while he was incarcerated in Adiala jail.

“My wife Kulsoom was counting her last moments. I requested them (the jail authorities) to allow a call to speak with her. I am telling you of the time I was in Adiala jail. For two-and-a-half hours I kept requesting them, but they did not allow it. And finally, broke the news of her death to me,” Nawaz Sharif said, glancing at his daughter Maryam, who shared the stage with her uncle Shehbaz and other party leaders.

Refusing to let them inform Maryam of Kulsoom’s death, Sharif said, “They told me they would break the news (of Kulsoom’s death) to Maryam, but I said no. Imagine, how can she and others take that when they are all alone.”

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Kulsoom passed away in 2018 at the age of 70 in London while both Sharif and daughter Maryam were serving jail terms in Pakistan for corruption cases.

Earlier in the day, Sharif, after spending four years in London, arrived in Islamabad from Dubai. After completing legal formalities related to his bail, he proceeded to Lahore, the stronghold of PML-N in Punjab province.

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