Kremlin Denies Reports of Putin’s Cardiac Arrest and Body Double Speculation

Read about the Kremlin’s denial of reports on Vladimir Putin’s alleged cardiac arrest and the emergence of body double speculation. Get the latest updates on this unfolding story.

Vladimir Putin
Kremlin denies reports of Putin’s cardiac arrest.

The Kremlin has categorically denied the recent report suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin experienced a cardiac arrest just two days ago. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov dismissed the report as “another fake,” emphasizing that Putin is in good health.

When questioned about the possibility of Putin using body doubles, Peskov derisively called it an “absurd information hoax” and stated that it only provokes amusement among Kremlin officials.

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A Telegram channel known as General SVR, which monitors Kremlin activities, claimed that Putin suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday evening. This channel alleged that all of Putin’s recent public appearances, including foreign visits, have been conducted by body doubles.

According to their account, security officers in Putin’s residence heard noises and found him on the floor next to an overturned table with food and drinks. Medical professionals were summoned promptly.

This Telegram channel has previously reported on Putin’s health concerns, including oncology and other ailments. The alleged cardiac arrest has raised concerns within Putin’s inner circle, despite prior warnings from attending doctors about his deteriorating health. Putin had recently visited China to attend the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) summit.

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In a 2020 interview, Putin refuted rumors about using body doubles, although he acknowledged being offered this option in the past for security reasons.

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