PM Modi announces 3 farm laws to be withdrawn

 On the occasion of Gurupurab, PM Narendra Modi addresses the nation on November 19 and announces the repeal of 3 contentious farm laws. He also urges farmers to return home to your family.

Prime minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation on the occasion of Gurupurab

Prime minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation on November 19 at 9:00 am. On the holy occasion of Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti or Gurupurab, PM announces repeal of 3 contentious farm laws and he also urges farmers to leave the delhi borders and return home to your family.

We all know, farmers have been protesting on delhi borders demanding the repeal of 3 farm laws. They have been on the borders almost for one year and finally now Narendra Modi hears their appeals and announces repeal of 3 farm laws.

PM said that this is the holy occassion of Gurupurab and we should not blame anyone.

“We had made the farm laws with utmost care, dignity, good intention and for the betterment of farmers but one group of the farmers didn’t accept it. There must have been deficiency in our efforts that we couldn’t convince and make them understand. That’s why we are repealing these farm laws.” PM Narendra Modi said.

Addressing the nation.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) November 19, 2021

In the official manner, farm laws will be repealed in this month’s parliament session and now farmers are adamant that they will not end the protest untill these laws repeal in the parliament.

PM said, “We have been chosen by the country in 2014 and since then we have been working for the welfare and betterment of the farmers and will continue to do this.”

PM also talks about the schemes which have been launched for the farmers. He said that 80 out of 100 are small farmers and the counting of total small farmers is almost 10 crore who own even less than 2 hectare land. PM said that we are providing timely funds to these farmers under the various schemes.

PM Narendra Modi also announced the formation of a committee comprising representatives of central government, state governments, farmers, agricultural scientists and agricultural economists to ensure decisions related to agriculture issues including MSP (Minimum Support Price).

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